I am a creative L.A. native.......

When I was 10 my mom taught me crochet. My first work was a crooked pink blanket which I still have by the way! :-D

Throughout the years what started as a hobby/therapy in Crochet has become the business I am proud of.

I'm always learning! Inspired with "What's In" challenges me to step it up and create unique/Useful pieces. My goal is for you to enjoy and appreciate the dedicated time, patience and attention to detail in my work which I made with love using quality thread.

Grateful for this skill set, I try to pay it forward when ever I can by donating pieces where needed.

In early 2020 I took the plunge and taught my 1st basic crochet class. It took me out of my comfort zone (Introvert here) I noticed I found myself confident during the two hour class because it's something I love making. It was hands on and the ladies seem to get it. Hopefully I get to open local sign ups soon.

My work is made and stored in a smoke-free, humble home.

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